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October 12, 2015

While I was going through old files from last year, I came across a Word document where I’d listed out all the things I wanted to do that year, every year or at some point in life. It was cool to see how many things I could cross off the list now. I had totally forgotten I’d written this! I thought I’d post it on here, cross things off as I could, and just have my goals in front of me. I even added a few more things to it today, and will continue to do so!

Spiritual Growth + Serving

  1. Memorize at least 50 Bible verses.
  2. Read the Bible through in one year. (recurring)
  3. Complete my prayer journal — cover to cover. (recurring)
  4. Keep a running list of answered prayers. (recurring)
  5. Invest in younger girls’ lives. (recurring)
  6. Lead a girls’ group at church camp.
  7. Support a missionary financially in some way.
  8. Take a Biblical Womanhood class.
  9. Start and host a ladies’ Bible study at my place.
  10. Coach a girls’ volleyball team at church.
  11. Coach a girls’ cheer team at church.
  12. Serve as a more consistent decision counselor at church on Sundays.
  13. Take a meal to someone in need. (recurring)

Travel + Adventure

  1. Go to Disney World (WITH BEN for the first time.)
  2. Go on an international mission trip.
  3. Go to Schlitterbahn.
  4. Go to Six Flags Over Texas.
  5. Go to a tropical island outside the USA and stay at a resort.
  6. Go pick fresh fruit.
  7. Go to Laguna Beach, San Francisco and Napa Valley, CA.
  8. Travel to Jerusalem.
  9. Get a spontaneous cheap flight and escape the regular life for a weekend.
  10. See the floating lanterns in Thailand.
  11. Visit Transparent Lake, Montana.
  12. Go to Istanbul, Turkey (because Ben has only said great things about it). 🙂

 Health + Fitness

  1. Try Zumba.
  2. Participate in a glow-in-the-dark color run.
  3. Try yoga.
  4. Floss my teeth everyday for a year.
  5. Try a spin class.
  6. Try a Barre class.
  7. Try some fitness DVDs.
  8. Join a recreational volleyball team.
  9. Consistently attend a fitness class for a season.

 Marriage + Family + Friendship

  1. Take Ben on a surprise weekend trip.
  2. Have a fondue date.
  3. Go ride horses with Ben somewhere beautiful!
  4. Ride segways with Ben.
  5. Eat at Reunion Tower with Ben.
  6. Go with some friends to that “Uptown Foodie Tour” in Dallas.
  7. Go on a gondola date.
  8. Have girls’ nights at my place. (recurring)
  9. Have a badminton & disc golf party in our backyard!
  10. Plan a friend’s baby shower.
  11. Plan a friend’s wedding shower.
  12. Throw a Superbowl party.
  13. Throw awesome birthday parties for Diesel.
  14. Have more get-togethers in general for different occasions or just because! (recurring)
  15. Bake something for our neighbors.
  16. Cut down our first, REAL Christmas tree.

 Writing + Designing

  1. Get an article/piece published on a major site.
  2. Create an e-book.
  3. Design unique packaging for my Etsy shop.
  4. Blog at least once a week.
  5. Get a domain name.
  6. Design a prettier blog template.
  7. Design a custom address stamp.
  8. Design CUTE custom wedding invitations.
  9. Design a cute baby shower invitation.
  10. Design a pretty typography iPhone backgrounds.
  11. Establish a consistent style on my Instagram account.
  12. Design a pair of shoes I can wear.
  13. Design and publish my own recipe book.

 Life + Learning

  1. Learn how to sew.
  2. Learn how to crochet.
  3. Learn how to make awesome jewelry.
  4. Learn calligraphy.
  5. Save for and make a BIG purchase completely with cash.
  6. Pay off the car to be debt free!
  7. Save for a house and buy one.
  8. Put money in savings every week.
  9. Learn how to make a PRETTY cake.
  10. Develop the skills to be a great food photographer.
  11. Learn how to take GOOD pictures of our baby. (ahem, Ben — teach me!)

Dreams + Passions

  1. Teach an art class.
  2. Teach a beginner’s piano class.
  3. Teach a graphic design and layout class.
  4. Have something I make sold in an actual store.
  5. Have a booth at a craft fair or a farmer’s market.
  6. Sing on stage.
  7. Teach a dance class.
  8. Re-brand a “mom & pop” shop.
  9. Oversee the decorating for a big, public event.
  10. Get published in a widely recognized publication.
  11. Remodel the house in the back into an art/music/recording studio.

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