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October 12, 2015

While I was going through old files from last year, I came across a Word document where I’d listed out all the things I wanted to do that year, every year or at some point in life. It was cool to see how many things I could cross off the list now. I had totally forgotten I’d written this! I thought I’d post it on here, cross things off as I could, and just have my goals in front of me. I even added a few more things to it today, and will continue to do so!

Spiritual Growth + Serving

  1. Memorize at least 50 Bible verses.
  2. Read the Bible through in one year. (recurring)
  3. Complete my prayer journal — cover to cover. (recurring)
  4. Keep a running list of answered prayers. (recurring)
  5. Invest in younger girls’ lives. (recurring)
  6. Lead a girls’ group at church camp.
  7. Support a missionary financially in some way.
  8. Take a Biblical Womanhood class.
  9. Start and host a ladies’ Bible study at my place.
  10. Coach a girls’ volleyball team at church.
  11. Coach a girls’ cheer team at church.
  12. Serve as a more consistent decision counselor at church on Sundays.
  13. Take a meal to someone in need. (recurring)

Travel + Adventure

  1. Go to Disney World (WITH BEN for the first time.)
  2. Go on an international mission trip.
  3. Go to Schlitterbahn.
  4. Go to Six Flags Over Texas.
  5. Go to a tropical island outside the USA and stay at a resort.
  6. Go pick fresh fruit.
  7. Go to Laguna Beach, San Francisco and Napa Valley, CA.
  8. Travel to Jerusalem.
  9. Get a spontaneous cheap flight and escape the regular life for a weekend.
  10. See the floating lanterns in Thailand.
  11. Visit Transparent Lake, Montana.
  12. Go to Istanbul, Turkey (because Ben has only said great things about it). 🙂

 Health + Fitness

  1. Try Zumba.
  2. Participate in a glow-in-the-dark color run.
  3. Try yoga.
  4. Floss my teeth everyday for a year.
  5. Try a spin class.
  6. Try a Barre class.
  7. Try some fitness DVDs.
  8. Join a recreational volleyball team.
  9. Consistently attend a fitness class for a season.

 Marriage + Family + Friendship

  1. Take Ben on a surprise weekend trip.
  2. Have a fondue date.
  3. Go ride horses with Ben somewhere beautiful!
  4. Ride segways with Ben.
  5. Eat at Reunion Tower with Ben.
  6. Go with some friends to that “Uptown Foodie Tour” in Dallas.
  7. Go on a gondola date.
  8. Have girls’ nights at my place. (recurring)
  9. Have a badminton & disc golf party in our backyard!
  10. Plan a friend’s baby shower.
  11. Plan a friend’s wedding shower.
  12. Throw a Superbowl party.
  13. Throw awesome birthday parties for Diesel.
  14. Have more get-togethers in general for different occasions or just because! (recurring)
  15. Bake something for our neighbors.
  16. Cut down our first, REAL Christmas tree.

 Writing + Designing

  1. Get an article/piece published on a major site.
  2. Create an e-book.
  3. Design unique packaging for my Etsy shop.
  4. Blog at least once a week.
  5. Get a domain name.
  6. Design a prettier blog template.
  7. Design a custom address stamp.
  8. Design CUTE custom wedding invitations.
  9. Design a cute baby shower invitation.
  10. Design a pretty typography iPhone backgrounds.
  11. Establish a consistent style on my Instagram account.
  12. Design a pair of shoes I can wear.
  13. Design and publish my own recipe book.

 Life + Learning

  1. Learn how to sew.
  2. Learn how to crochet.
  3. Learn how to make awesome jewelry.
  4. Learn calligraphy.
  5. Save for and make a BIG purchase completely with cash.
  6. Pay off the car to be debt free!
  7. Save for a house and buy one.
  8. Put money in savings every week.
  9. Learn how to make a PRETTY cake.
  10. Develop the skills to be a great food photographer.
  11. Learn how to take GOOD pictures of our baby. (ahem, Ben — teach me!)

Dreams + Passions

  1. Teach an art class.
  2. Teach a beginner’s piano class.
  3. Teach a graphic design and layout class.
  4. Have something I make sold in an actual store.
  5. Have a booth at a craft fair or a farmer’s market.
  6. Sing on stage.
  7. Teach a dance class.
  8. Re-brand a “mom & pop” shop.
  9. Oversee the decorating for a big, public event.
  10. Get published in a widely recognized publication.
  11. Remodel the house in the back into an art/music/recording studio.

Feeling Alone?

September 21, 2015

Have you ever had to answer the icebreaker question that’s something like, “If you were on an island by yourself, what are the three things you’d want with you?”

Everyone in the group would voice their answers, trying to think of the most necessary items that would make their stay more enjoyable. But whatever those items may have been, the idea of being on an island alone sounds downright terrifying and horrible. Most people would not want to live in such conditions.

Ironically though, we put ourselves on a dreadful, lonely island quite often. But I’m talking about our mindsets. We enter dangerous territory when we begin to think things like “I’m the only one that feels this way.” We start focusing so much on our own circumstances and feelings, that we trap ourselves on these islands. How do we escape these thoughts?

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Now If We’re Talking Body

August 26, 2015

Pregnancy is such a weird life-transition. Your whole body changes to make room and provide for this new, little life inside of you. And while it’s only for a short time, the challenges pregnancy brings to regular, everyday life have reminded me of something important.


My body is not my own.


I’m not going to lie — when I found out I was pregnant, I freaked out a little about what would happen to me physically (and maybe a lot at times). For the first time in my life, I became overly worried about the possibility of getting stretch marks, having excessive weight gain, and basically just not having a body I could be proud of. I worried that I would be unattractive to my husband. Others’ comments about my weight and what I was eating had never bothered me before, but suddenly they did. I’ve had off and on worries about whether or not I’ll be able to “bounce back” after having a baby. This was all new territory for me. I didn’t know how to handle it. And then I read this quote:
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25 Things I Learned from Planning a Wedding

April 30, 2015

Ah, wedding planning. I’m sure many girls dream of what they want it to be like way before it’s time. The dress. The decorations. The people they’d have in their wedding party. It’s a special time, and definitely worth all the excitement! Seeing so many of my younger friends come to this milestone, and many very close to it, I thought it would be helpful to share some of the things I learned when we planned our wedding!

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To My Former Single Self

February 3, 2015

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I wanted to write a post about dating, relationships, boys and the like. I started thinking about the younger me and how there are some things I wish I would’ve known then that I know now.

So, here’s a few pointers I have written to my former single, dating self, and to those who are in the same boat now. If you’re wondering where all the good guys are, and if marriage is even in your future, this post is for you.

Disclaimer: For your entertainment, there may be a little sass mixed in with this advice!

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Overachievers. Overthinkers. People-pleasers. Stress-eaters.

January 8, 2015

Can life and its situations sometimes entangle you in a ball of stress? Maybe your palms start sweating or you turn bright red. Maybe you get headaches from overthinking. Or maybe you have trouble sleeping because your brain won’t shut off. These (and more) are the terrible side effects of stress.

When stress takes over, we can often feel like we’re trapped and alone, and always scrambling for more time. It causes tension in relationships. It causes health problems. It causes us to lead joyless lives.

And worst of all—stress has this way of causing us to think about God less and depend on Him less.

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5 Ways to Love People This December

December 3, 2014

Christmastime is my favorite time of the year. There always seems to be a happy feeling in the air. The excited bustling of people in shopping malls and in the grocery stores. The smell of the holiday candles in Bath and Body Works. The look of the Christmas trees twinkling from people’s windows. The cute holiday wreath that greets you when you come home. There are so many special things that trigger my enthusiasm for Christmas.

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Should I Join a Church?

November 19, 2014

Why should we join the church? Do we really need to, or can we just attend services and sporadically attend events churches put on?

The term “church membership” might sound antiquated to us, like we’re joining an old man’s chess club or something. I get that it may not sound like the “coolest” thing to do — especially when you’re in high school, college or your 20s.

Maybe that’s what people did ‘back in the day,’ but now we just go to where we want to go based on how good the music is, how the message made us feel, how nice the building and amenities were, or if something free was being offered.

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When You Can’t Afford a Graphic Designer

October 29, 2014

We all want cute invitations that are personalized and unique. We want them to be different for our wedding, baby showers, Christmas cards, graduation invitations —you name it! But if you’re on a budget, talking to your graphic design friends may not be the best option.

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